Inspired by @Gola, although mine are very pedestrian and in no way esoteric.
  1. Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk
    I'm not lactose intolerant, I just love this stuff. Exactly the right amount of chocolate and perfect for when I need something sweet but I'm attempting not to stuff my face with candy or cookies.
  2. Oreo Thins
    Oreos are controversial in our household. Some like Double Stuff, some like Original Oreos, but for some reason, we all like the Thins.
  3. Bob's Red Mill Polenta
    Easy side dish and a favorite of all the kids.
  4. Dr. Pepper (cans only, NO two liters)
    Again, we are a split family when it comes to soda. Half of us are right and drink Coke and half are trashy and prefer Pepsi. But we all love Dr. Pepper.
  5. Lucky Charms
    As a 42 year old adult, I will unabashedly admit this is my very favorite cereal of all time and I buy it 100% for myself. The kids rarely eat it.
  6. Pamplemousse La Croix
    My youngest daughter's very favorite beverage. She loves it so much that her sister had a blanket custom made for Christmas featuring it. The rest of us find it disgusting.
  7. Gia Russa Potato Gnocchi
    For those nights I am too tired to cook something big. I can cook these and throw them in a pan with just about any meat or veg I've got on hand (especially leftovers), dump in jarred alfredo or marinara or even just some olive oil or butter, add some parm, and dinner is served!
  8. Sara Lee Whole Grain White Bread
    When you want a PB & J, it's just gotta be on white bread, and this makes me feel just sliiiiightly less guilty than the stuff that's not whole grain.