How to woo me

  1. Make me laugh.
    I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Making me giggle automatically makes you at least twice as attractive.
  2. Be passionate about something.
    I've found that it doesn't matter so much what it is you're passionate about. Even if it's not something I'm into, I love that you know what you love.
  3. Cook for me.
    Even if all you can make is a grilled cheese, I will be completely charmed if you make it for me.
  4. Hold my hand.
    It's old fashioned, I know, but if we're strolling down the street or sitting in a movie theater, I will adore it if you just take my hand.
  5. Play music for me
    Send me a song that reminds you of me, or better yet, make me a playlist. Even if we don't share the same taste in music, knowing that it made you think of me will make it special.
  6. Tease me.
    I grew up in a family in which teasing conveyed affection. The more I tease you, the more I like you, and I love it when you can give it right back.
  7. Don't let me hide.
    I've got some issues from a past relationship that I'm still working through, and trusting that someone will want to hear what I need is one of them. You'll know I'm getting scared when I start getting quiet. Tell me it's ok to say what I need. Tell me that you'll listen. Tell me that it's safe. And be patient while I gather my courage.
  8. Kiss me.
    Just... Yeah....