1. I'm fighting with my son's school to get proper services for his needs (Asperger's, depression, anxiety), and things have gotten so bad we have a potential lawsuit against the school on our hands. We are being advised to at the very least file a formal complaint for an investigation.
  2. I'm an employee of the school district. My office is literally 6 feet from the superintendent. To say that this has caused things to be awkward around the office is a huge understatement.
  3. I've had several big presentations and projects at work. And because of everything that is happening with my son, my own work is being scrutinized in a way it never has been before.
  4. My two youngest daughters (17 & 14) are feeling the stress of it all and are acting out. I understand why it's happening. Doesn't make it any easier.
  5. My eldest daughter is getting married later this year and has begun the planning process in earnest. Which means I get frantic texts and phone calls at least 3 times a week where I have to talk her down and reassure her that it will all be okay.
  6. My ex, who lives 30 minutes away right now and offers very minimal help in the way of shuttling kids around to everything, just informed me that he's quitting his job and moving 4.5 hours away. I have no family here and one car. Even with his minimal help, the logistics can be a nightmare. Now it's 100% up to me.
  7. I'm coming up on my six month cervical cancer check. A year ago, they found precancerous cells. I'm so grateful it was still precancerous, but they were a later stage and required surgery, and the doctor is concerned. So he's monitoring closely, which is good, but makes me so scared every time.
  8. And this weekend, my relationship of over a year has most likely ended. I don't know if can be repaired. I don't know if it should be. I can't tell right now. But I'm so very very sad. I love him. My heart hurts.
  9. I'm trying. I'm trying.
  10. But it's hard.