1. I...I have so many thoughts...
  2. Why does a 1920's Tom Hardy exemplify adulthood?
  3. Do I have to wear a fedora to be a grown up or is any millinery accouterment allowed like, say, a cloche?
  4. What if I use a natural deorderant because I'm allergic to regular deorderant, does that still count?
  5. What if I use antipersipiant AND deorderant, is that even more adult?
  6. What if I know how to correctly spell both deorderant and antipersipiant without the use of spell check or autocorrect?
  7. How did we jump from bills to hygiene to hardcore drug use?
  8. Does doing meth make you a child... or... elderly...?
  9. What about just making meth, ala Walter White?
  10. So many thoughts...