1. I got up at my regular time, dressed for work, took kids to school, took my son to a checkup. Just a normal day.
  2. And now
  3. My son's in a hospital an hour away.
  4. He had a plan.
  5. "I'm going to throw myself off of the school library's balcony onto the lunchroom floor. And I know I'll have to land headfirst to make sure I die, so I will have to be careful how I jump."
  6. "I don't think my mom actually loves me. I don't think anyone would really care if I was dead."
  7. "I don't have any friends to miss me."
  8. "I think the school would probably just be glad to not have to deal with me anymore."
  9. Those words came out of my sweet, kind, generous, lovely boy's mouth today while I sat in a chair next to him.
  10. I am thankful that he talked.
  11. So thankful.
  12. He saved himself.
  13. He's getting the help he needs to work through this.
  14. My heart is also broken
  15. Because I didn't know. I didn't see.
  16. I'm supposed to be the one who sees.
  17. He was in pain and alone and
  18. I
  19. Didn't
  20. See