Inspired by @cvlop61 and all the others. ☺
  1. I have eaten candy for breakfast every day for the last week.
    Not usually that big of a sweet tooth, but businesses keep bringing boxes of assorted chocolates for our office, so what's a girl to do.
  2. I was doing a health and wellness booth at a high school basketball game recently, and I hid the bottle of Dr. Pepper I was drinking behind the giant display about how much sugar is in everyday foods and why it's bad for you.
    It was a long day. I was in desperate need of caffeine. And yes, I ate candy for breakfast that day, too.
  3. I have cried in the shower almost everyday for the last two weeks.
    It's been a rough couple of weeks. And the shower is pretty much the only place I can guarantee no one will see me.
  4. I have listened to the Hamilton Mixtape more than I feel it is entirely healthy to admit to.
    Like... Way too many times. My children do not allow me to choose the music in the car any longer. Neither does my boyfriend. I'm fairly certain my coworkers are plotting my demise.
  5. There are two stockpots sitting in a cabinet that are still not washed from Thanksgiving.
    THEY HAVE BEEN RINSED. I'm not that gross. They were sitting on the counter next to the sink for ages waiting to be washed (they don't fit in the dishwasher), and it just... didn't happen. I needed the counter space, so I stuck them in the cabinet. Without washing them. And I still haven't. I'm not proud of it.
  6. When I'm making my school menus, which is exceedingly boring, I usually listen to hip hop to keep me motivated. Most people would find that very funny.
    My go to's are Run the Jewels, M.I.A, Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, and, of course, The Beastie Boys.
  7. My son has a cold and he's eating pudding because his throat is sore and his nose is plugged so it's hard to breath which means he keeps smacking and I am having a very hard time sitting here next to him and not losing it every time he takes another bite.
    Internally, I am screaming "ARE YOU ABOUT DONE WITH THAT PUDDING BECAUSE I WILL LITERALLY LOSE MY GODDAMN MIND IF I HEAR YOU SMACK ONE MORE TIME!!!!!" Externally, I am calmly smiling and saying "I hope that pudding is making your throat feel better, honey." Motherhood.
  8. I don't really understand how to play checkers.
    I was forced to admit this to my children last night, because they were playing each other and needed me to answer a question about the rules.
  9. I make margherita pizza because my kids like it, but I secretly hate basil.
    I just do. It's gross. Oregano is so much better. So is thyme. So is pretty much any herb. Except rosemary. Rosemary is literally the worst. Nobody needs their food to taste like a Christmas tree smells.
  10. I fell asleep at my desk during a webinar yesterday.
    It was only for a minute. A warm office right after lunch + a closed door + a droning voice going on about the importance of proper temperature taking in food service = sleepy time for Brook.
  11. I am clocking in just to attend my office Christmas party
    It's kind of complicated, but basically, everyone else who's there will be on the clock while I'm technically coming in on my day off. So I'm clocking in while I'm there. Why should I be the only one not getting paid to party?
  12. I LOVE WINTER!!!!!
    Yes, that amounts to a confession around here, as that's basically like admitting you don't believe in God when you live in Kansas. I love winter and all it comes with - snow, wind chills, ice. LOVE it. And no, I don't even mind driving in it, because I'm not someone who attempts to drive like a lunatic no matter the weather.