I have been a lover of words since I began to speak, and there's nothing I love more than to find a new one, rolling it around in my mouth like a hard candy, enjoying the feel of it against my teeth and tongue, feeling the pull in my gut from the emotion it evokes. These are a few of my favorites.
  1. @elmospimpingme inspired this list by posting this particular word, which got me thinking. So much heartache in one little word. I know it well.
  2. Can't you just see it - walking the dog at night and seeing a family sitting around the dining table, wondering what they're eating, what they tell each other about their day, and is it the truth...
  3. Otherwise know as How Brook Lives Her Whole Life.
  4. It just feels fun to say!
  5. The cool greyness of it...
  6. Fuck. Yes.
  7. Oh. I am a chronic sufferer.
  8. I LOVE when there is an exquisitely perfect word for such an everyday sensation/emotion/sound. This is a very good one.
  9. So much grander than just plain ol' unrequited love.
  10. I feel like there are a lot of us here that fit this.
  11. Searching to fill your hollow heart...
  12. Anticipation... My favorite.
  13. @veshecco made me think of you.
  14. The last two and a half years fit this for me. Sometimes forced, sometimes chosen. But nice to be awake again.