I've noticed that while we have a whole cabinet full of mugs in our office, we all use exactly the same ones every day. I don't know how it started. But this week, I'M BRANCHING OUT! That's right - a new mug every goddamn day. And you get to come along for the journey! WHEEEEEEE!!!
  1. Monday's Mug
    My regular mug. Nice heft, not too small but not too big. Black like my soul and attitude about being at work most days.
  2. Tuesday's Mug
    Fancy font AND biblical quotes. Mmmmmm.... this coffee tastes like blasphemy.
  3. Wednesday's Mug
    Homemade pottery! Will I get lead poisoning? Who knows!! Life is such an adventure!
  4. Thursday's Mug
    Tall and blonde - just my type. Although I do not enjoy having to fish my spoon out of the mug. (Sidenote: a coworker noticed that I'm using different mugs. I just gave her my best Cheshire Cat smile and faded away into my office.)
  5. Friday's Mug
    This mug is to remind me why I'm here every day. And to remind me that those soulless fucking Washington bureaucrats will not win. Because I won't let them.