Phrases people have pointed out I use repeatedly, often in the context of saying "I knew it was you because I heard someone say..."
  1. "Oh for the love of Pete!!"
    Probably my go-to non-curse. My dad used to say it, so must have picked it up from him. Said when I can't say 👇
  2. "Oh for fuck's sake!!"
    For fuckssake...? For...fucks sake...? Anyway. Yeah. I say this multiple times a day.
  3. "God bless it!!!"
    Said usually through gritted teeth. Employed in moments where "goddammit" would be frowned upon. Again, came from my father.
  4. "Oh sweetpea..."
    Apparently my go-to comfort pet name for my loved ones.
  5. "6 of one, half dozen the other"
    My children have informed me, after using this phrase themselves, that everyone thinks this is a weird way to say "they're the same thing".
  6. "Full of piss and vinegar"
  7. &
  8. "Feeling fat & sassy"
    My future son-in-law laughed hysterically the first time he heard me say them and has been annoying my daughter ever since finding way to incorporate them into his every day speech.
  9. "You're ridiculous"
    This is a compliment.