My December In Pictures

  1. Technically November 30. But still.
  2. One of my kitchens. ☺
  3. Pop of color! 💛
  4. Miss Circe.
  5. A little desk dancing/driving music.
  6. Caught me trying to sneak a pic. 😘
  7. My lovely old cat, Miss Marie, who was living with my ex passed away. I feel awful that I didn't get to say goodbye. 😢
  8. Peanut butter bar edges = cook's treat!! I ate more of these than I'm comfortable admitting
  9. Classic mother/daughter exchange.
  10. The drier weather combined with lots of restless nights has given me some epic bedhead lately.
  11. Health and Wellness Booths for work - heart healthy spiced nuts and chocolate avocado pudding samples. YUM!!
  12. My children love to sneak snaps of me when I'm napping. I can't tell you got much I love awakening to these. 😑
  13. I just ❤ quesadillas.
  14. Big fluffy Amphers kitty snuggles.
  15. The Many Faces of Maeve - Winter Concert Edition.
  16. Show Choir Kesair.
  17. 20 points to Gryffindor if you can name what this is! 😃
  18. Footie jammies > regular jammies
  19. Attended my daughter's Culinary Essentials class final. It was lovely and they all deserve A's.
  20. Another night, another health and wellness booth. 😞
  21. Just this morning. Snowy day, everyone lounging under blankets, including the animals. 💙☁❄💙
  22. Can you spot the point I got tired of rolling brigadeiros? ☺