1989-1993 inspired by @_leia_ & @pili_ervin
  1. The Cancer Kid (aka The Fault in my Pizza Hut) - Summer just before freshman year: Saw me at a town picnic and had to meet me. Blind date. He was a sophomore from a neighboring town.
    I got a call from a guy I barely knew, the situation was explained (kid was in treatment for leukemia but responding well), group date at the local Pizza Hut was set. I mean...how do you say no to that? I went with a friend, the guys hardly said 2 words to us, they ordered, ate, and then told us they didn't bring any money. My friend & I paid. It lasted for a few more phone conversations, cuz how do you tell a guy with cancer that he's a dick? He finally stopped calling & he's cancer free.
  2. Double Date Setup (aka The Boy You Bring Home To Meet Dad.) - Freshman Year. Blind Date. He was a sophomore from another town. (Same town as the first one... You will notice a pattern develop.)
    My friend's bf set us up, double date to, you guessed it... Pizza Hut!! We sat awkwardly in the front seat while our friends made out in the backseat. He was cute & funny & gawky & sweet. My parents adored him. We dated nearly my entire freshman year, but by the end, I was bored. He was just so... Nice. We made out but that was it. He barely even tried to cop a feel! Prom became my arbitrary private line in the sand - if we didn't have sex then, we were done. And there was no sex so...
  3. My First Illicit Affair (aka The Son of a Preacher Man) - End of Freshman Year. Senior from my town. His sister was my Driver's Ed partner.
    Thanks to the inside scoop from his sis, I knew he liked me, but he was already dating someone & had been for quite a while. And I was dating Nice Guy. But he was a preacher's kid going through a serious rebellious phase & I had a lot of pent up sexual frustration. So we broke the hearts of our respective SO's and commenced a torrid 3 week love affair before I realized his "rebelliousness" was more medium salsa than fire sauce. He went back to his gf & they are still married to this day.
  4. Nearly Forgettable (aka Third Eye Blind... Date... didn't really work but you get it.) - Sophomore Year. Another "friend of a friend, saw me somewhere and asked to meet me" thing. Senior from a neighboring town (yep, same neighboring town).
    Not much to say about our 2-ish month long relationship. He was fine, our dates were fine, but not much of a spark. The interesting thing was how it ended. He broke up with me right before Homecoming. I KNOW! But then he said, "You should call (bf #5). He's always liked you and would probably take you." So I did. I just got dumped & then I called another guy and asked him to ask me to HIS Homecoming. My bf broke up with me and made me a match in one fell swoop.
  5. The Panty Dropper (aka Real Life Bender) Sophomore Year. Set up by ☝.Senior from neighboring town.
    My first thought at the end of my first date when we were having an epic make out in his car after Homecoming? "Oh fuck. I'm in so much trouble." Yep. He was smooth. A streetwise but vulnerable hot guy from the wrong side of the tracks straight out of a John Hughes movie. We dated for probably 5 or 6 months. Lost my virginity to him. Learned to love sex with him. Then I realized he was loving sex with more than just me. So that was the end of that.
  6. Forbidden Love (aka My Dad Was Right) Sophomore Year. Went to my school, hooked up at a party, the rest is history. Senior from my town.
    When my parents discovered we were beginning to see each other, my father actually forbade me to see him. Thus ensuring I would continue seeing him for much longer than I would have on my own, because I was a stupid teenager. He wasn't just a "bad boy", though. He was not a good person. He didn't treat me well. At all. I wish I could say I wised up and left, but I did not, and he continued to not treat me well until he decided he was tired of me. Dad was, as always, very right.
  7. The Fun & Flirty Friend (aka Not With A Bang But A Whimper) Summer between Sophomore & Junior year. Went to my school, had been dating a friend of mine for several months, broke up to date me. Senior from my town.
    This kid and I had craaaaazy chemistry, flirt all day, made each other laugh, could talk about anything or just hang out saying nothing. We'd been good friends for a while but were always dating other people. He broke up with my friend, asked me out by sending a dozen roses to my job, & picked me up a few days later for our first official date to... Yep. Pizza Hut. It. Was. Awful. Suddenly we had ZERO chemistry, awkward silence. We tried a few more dates, but it was a no go.
  8. The Blatantly Stolen Boyfriend (aka Teenage Dirtbag) Junior Year. From a completely different town than any of the others!! Dating my friend at the time. Junior, too.
    I saw him at a baseball game of a mutual friend. He was goooorgeous, but dating this girl I had literally known all my life. Didn't matter. As they were leaving, I yelled to our mutual friend from the top of the bleachers "I want him! Get him for me!" Two days later I picked him up from the girl's house. I know, guys. I know. He had a low rider truck with blue lights on the bottom and a stereo that got him continuously pulled over by the cops. I still cringe when I think about it.
  9. The Nerd (aka The Total Outlier) End of Junior Year. From my school. Sophomore. I know. Younger man.
    I needed a date to prom & had had my eye on this quiet nerdy kid for a while. He was not anything like anyone else I had dated, but that didn't seem like a bad thing. I could see he was on the verge of serious cuteness potential, so I decided to move on it. Ended up married to him for 20 years with 5 kids. And because of them, I wouldn't change a thing, no matter the ending.