I have always thought that I didn't really have one, that I found things attractive about a variety of people, and while that's true, a conversation with my daughter pointed out that almost all of the people I've dated since my divorce have several things in common. And she's not wrong.
  1. 6'2" +
    I like 'em tall. (My ex is only slightly taller than me, so this is an interesting one.)
  2. Must LOVE Star Wars (bordering on obsessive)
    Not because I do. I have no strong opinions either way and am definitely not a devoted fan, but the guys I've dated all have that in common.
  3. Not skinny
    I couldn't figure out how to word that, because I'm not into super ripped bodybuilder guys, either. Otherwise, it doesn't matter to me.
  4. Must be a reader
    Whether it's graphic novels or biographies or science fiction, they all read.
  5. Currently play/used to play D & D
    I do not. Never have. Have no interest in learning. For those of you who are blessedly clueless, D & D is Dungeons & Dragons. Not my thing.
  6. Have really great hair
    They've all had nice hair that they are slightly vain about. Color doesn't matter, I've dated brunettes and blondes, but they all have had stylish coifs.
  7. Beard is optional but preferred
    Again, not something I even noticed until my daughter pointed it out, but I do, apparently, like a beard.
  8. Must be outdoorsy
    This one is particularly hilarious to me, because I am not outdoorsy. At. All. My porch is outdoors enough for me, and I can only take that for a few minutes at a time. I always say I used up my "outdoor" when I was under the age of 12. But the guys all hike, camp, cycle, swim, etc., etc.
  9. Must be creative
    Whether it's music or drawing or cooking or writing, they are all creative in some way. It may not be a part of their job, but they all at least have a creative hobby.
  10. Must be an atheist. Or at least agnostic.
    This didn't surprise me. I'm not a religious person at all and would say I have an atheist sensibility, although my Catholic upbringing can be hard to shake.
  11. Must be passionate about music.
    Genre doesn't matter, doesn't matter if they can sing or play an instrument. They just love something about music and know a lot about whatever that something is.
  12. Must find me adorable and charming.
    I mean...