Neil Gaiman Books, Ranked

@amieshmamie I'm limiting myself to my Top 5, otherwise this list would be crazy long.
  1. #1 The Ocean at the End of the Lane
    I love the way he uses language and to me, this was the perfect example. Nothing superfluous, everything just right. Adore it completely.
  2. #2 Stardust
    Gorgeous and lovely and romantic and funny and epic. As good as a fairytale can get.
  3. #3 Neverwhere
    Next to Diagon Alley, London Below is second on my tourist wish list when visiting England. These are real places, right? Do I just book tickets when I get there or can I purchase ahead?
  4. #4 American Gods
    A fascinating premise. I loved piecing together who everyone was and thinking of the spiritual fabric of our country that way, against the modern digital age.
  5. #5 Fragile Things
    Did I love everything in here? Well... yeah. But what I loved more than anything was getting to experience lots of different viewpoints and styles and rhythms with Neil Gaiman as an author.