inspired by @elmospimpingme
  1. Little Britches/Britches
    For a long time, it was my only nickname. My dad called me this growing up and I haaaaated it. Until he died. And then I missed it so much. My sister Robyn calls me by it now.
  2. Broccoli
    I have no idea how it began, but there was a kid in my class growing up named Rusty, and one day, for reasons I no longer recollect, I began calling him Runty/Runt and he started calling me Broccoli, and it has stuck all these years later between the two of us. 😁
  3. Mom
    Duh. I've got five kids. ☺
  4. Ms. B
    What my students call me.
  5. Kid
    A wonderful friend calls me this and it makes me feel all warm and safe.
  6. Sugar/Suge
    What my bf calls me. 😊❤