By a very sad Android user
  1. I'm so afraid that all of the wonderful people I've gotten to know on here are going to leave which makes me so very sad.
  2. And it's especially frustrating because as an Android user, I'm not experiencing any of the update angst, so I don't know how you feel nor can I offer any useful advice.
  3. I'm just sad. I'm sad to see the frustration and I'm sad people are leaving and I'm sad the powers that be seem to be making changes that are driving people away for whatever reason and I'm sad that I woke up this morning happy to add to my silly mug list and saw all of this.
  4. So. If you are reading this and you are leaving, just know that I've probably read something of yours and it probably made me smile or think or... feel. It took me out of myself for a moment or it made me feel less alone. And I thank you for that.