Various family quotes I've saved over the last several months that still make me laugh.
  1. Maeve (youngest daughter), out of the blue: Hey Mom, do I have any dentist appointments soon? Me: No. Why? Maeve: 'Cause I'm just always afraid...
  2. Kesair (middle daughter) and I are binging My So-Called Life and Angela just splashed cold water on her face in the school bathroom, to which K said "Girl, I wish I could do that dramatic crap, but my eyebrows would wash off."
  3. Aidan (youngest son) - "I'm not really hungry, I just like to eat stuff." Truer words have never been spoken in our household.
  4. Me, as I pull up to the house after work - "Those motherfucking dandelions."
  5. Maeve, on Adele, "That four years Adele was gone, she was probably just breast feeding her baby and doing vocal exercises and just shredding it."
  6. Me- "I need to quit eating this cookie dough and do my fucking planks."
  7. Kesair - "I'm not doing anything!! I'm just smiling! I'm sorry I feel joy!"
  8. Laying in bed watching X Files with Maevie and in response to Scully saying "I still don't know how they got away. There's no obvious means of transportation", Maeve said, "It's called walking, Scully, and we're doing it right now."
  9. Kesair, on watching the lunar eclipse last year, "I mean I know it only happens once every 33 years, but in 33 years I'll know it's not really worth watching."
  10. Maeve - "Dang it! I'm trying to find a picture of Michael Chiklis to use on my notebook. I wanted to use the one of him blowing bubbles but it's too low quality."
  11. Me, after Maeve slipped and fell on the driveway, "Aren't you proud of me? I didn't even laugh at all until I made sure you were ok, even though it was really hard not to." Maeve, "I know! It was like you were genuinely concerned about me."
  12. Conversation with Aidan on our way home from appointment - A (no segue): Do you think I'm charismatic? Me: Um...? Yes, I would say you are fairly charismatic...Why? A: I was trying to decide if I was charismatic enough to get you to take me to Sonic AND still let me eat the stew and dumplings you made for supper.
  13. Maeve "I've honestly had so much sugar today that I don't even want anymore." Five minutes later: Maeve - "I put a Lofthouse sugar cookie in my Rocky Road and it's fantastic."