Not a bid for my ass... that would be anything but boring. 😆 Ass is being used as a pleonasm to emphasize how boring my bid is. Got it? Good.
  1. I've been working on this for 3 days, how can I only be up to the C's?!
  2. How much cereal do we use??
    I'm a nutrition services director for a school district. The answer to that question is "All the cereal."
  3. How much almond butter can I consume before it stops being a healthy snack and becomes a problem?
  4. Why is this chick always commenting on my FB posts? I don't even know her.
    It was a quick break. Just a peek. Not more than a couple of minutes and then right back to work, I swear.
  5. I have to pee AGAIN???
    I have recently made an effort to drink more water. It's annoying.
  6. Why didn't anyone tell me there were free sandwiches in the breakroom?!
    Since I was up anyway, figure I may as well swing by...
  7. Why do I have the same fish sticks in here like 13 times?
    I'm in the F's!!!
  8. What's new on IG...?
    Again. Quick. Two... Three... Ten minutes tops.
  9. Would it be too much to post both a new status AND a new profile pic on FB during work hours?
    I feel like it would be.
  10. How many potato products are there??
    You guessed it. "All the potato products." But I'm up to the P's!
  11. What's going on on