Someday, someday, someday...
  1. Someone to sit next to me and whisper snarky comments about other people's kids when we're at school activities while I stifle giggles.
  2. Feeling comforted by the weight on the other side of the bed and the steadiness of slumbering breathing when I wake up from a nightmare.
  3. Having someone come up behind me and wrap their arms around me, rest their chin on my shoulder, kiss my neck while I stand at the stove making dinner.
  4. Knowing when there's an emergency, I won't have to sit alone in a waiting room.
  5. Sitting on the porch having coffee together when the weather is too gorgeous to be inside.
  6. Hearing them hum while they shave or see them bite their thumbnail or jiggle their leg and just know. Know what it means. And for them to know what it means when I do those things, too.
  7. Having someone to wake me up when I fall asleep on the couch and tell me it's time to come to bed.
  8. Coming home at the end of a bad day and being able to ask for a hug.