📸 Screenshots on My Camera Roll, Explained

May edition
  1. Snap of our cat Amphitryon (aka Amphers) that my daughter sent me.
  2. I mean...That's a good pun right there.
  3. One of those stupid FB profile analyzers. I didn't post this but sent the pic to a friend. Dan? That's my ex husband and although we aren't FB friends, this app doesn't seem to know that. It amused me.
  4. These are pics of my daughter's dog, Miss Vella, just after she was rescued 2 years ago.
  5. (Just so you know she's all better now, here is Miss Vella today. 💛)
  6. Because I was getting a haircut.
  7. Sharing my music for the day on IG.
  8. Another FB profile analyzer that everyone was doing. Mine was the only one that was all food. Not sure what they're trying to say about my FB posts...
  9. My friend posted this from an emergency response drill she was doing for the hospital. Her suit malfunctioned. I could not stop giggling at this pic.