It's been a truly shit day, and I'm trying to see the good in it all
  1. My job has been incredibly stressful lately BUT I have a job.
    It's a job that I normally love and I know that this stressful period will eventually end. I just gotta hang on.
  2. My son is struggling a lot with going back to public school BUT he is learning to communicate his needs.
    Is going back the best choice for him? I don't know. But we've survived worse and we'll get through this, too.
  3. My ex is trying to weasel out of his very limited time (his doing not mine) with the kids this weekend BUT I am learning to speak up for my own needs.
    He takes the kids roughly... 72 hours a month. They are his children, too. I should not feel guilty for wanting that time for myself. I. Should. Not. Feel. Guilty.
  4. I have a terrible sinus infection that has left one side of my face swollen and triggered a migraine BUT... yeah I got nothin'.
    I have health insurance? I... have sick days left? Still sucks.