Songs I Sang Last Night At Karaoke Ranked By Level Of Inebriation

  1. "Brass in Pocket" - The Pretenders
    First song of the night. Sober. I know it well, so the intimidation factor is low.
  2. "Criminal"- Fiona Apple
    A couple of drinks in. Starting to feel myself.
  3. "Shake It Off" - Taylor Swift
    Oh yeah. Tip. Sy. There may have been some showcasing of some moves. And giggling.
  4. "A - YO" - Lady Gaga
    You have to be drunk to take on Lady Gaga. I like to think I killed it. I'm fairly certain I did not. But this led to...
  5. "Bad Romance" - Lady Gaga
    This. And that's when I knew it was time to go home. Call the Uber!