1. I didn't know Biz at all. I'm new to this community and had never read a list by her until today. I wish I had known her before.
  2. Reading everyone's memories and reactions are heartbreaking and beautiful and make me feel fortunate to be a witness to it and grateful to have found my way here.
  3. I know well the anguish that Biz must have been in to do what she did and there's nothing of it that isn't devastating. For everyone. Most of all her. May she find her rest at last.
  4. Being on the outside of it reading the remembrances, I kept being reminded of seeing a park bench with a plaque saying "In memory of Biz". But after reading her posts, I think she's more of a silver scrawl on a train rolling across the countryside - "Biz Was Here". She was. She is.
  5. Love and hugs to all her friends and family, here and everywhere.