AKA Feeling Like a Creepy Lurker
  1. "Oh! Who's this person that liked my post? Let's check them out."
  2. "Hmmmm... wow. Some insightful/funny stuff here. Following."
  3. "Haha!! Hilarious! ❤"
  4. "Oh my god! Me, too!! ❤ Relist"
  5. "So. True. ❤ Relist"
  6. *gigglegigglegiggle* ❤
  7. ... Scroll, read, repeat.
  8. "...oh...oh no... I've... I've gone too far. I'm...35 lists deep...I may have...crossed a line."
  9. If I've done this to you recently, here's what I'm really saying - "You seem super awesome and I like your lists and I hope you read mine and like them too and I hope we can be li.st friends and I promise after this I will settle down and I swear I'm not a stalker. Promise. Really."