1. Forgot about a meeting this morning at 9. Woke up at 8:40. Threw on a dress, wet down my hair, and left.
  2. After said meeting, the admin. assistant who followed me out of the room, asked if she could finish zipping my dress for me. Yep. It was only zipped up about halfway.
  3. Knocked over a file box, spilling the contents aaaaalllllll over my office floor. Had to refile everything. Fun times.
  4. Went to my second job as a cashier at Walmart. A man purchased a broom. While scanning the broom and putting it back in his cart, I bonked him in the head. In the process of whipping around to see if I had actually bonked him, I bonked him a second time. The classic double bonk.
  5. The man stared at me bemusedly while I asked if he was ok and nearly choked to death on the giggles threatening to erupt, which caused tears to stream down my cheek, while I apologized approximately 347 times in the span of about 30 seconds, and he looked at me like I was a loon. And rightfully so.