Office Edition
  1. These are a few of the tchotches in my office. They grace the top of the ugly beige metal bookcase in the corner of my office. Each one has a special memory.
  2. The two portraits in the back were made by my two youngest kiddos when they were in fifth grade which is when I started working in my position.
  3. The golden heart figure on the left was given to me as a good luck/congratulatory gift from my former coworker and friend when I became the director. She recently died from cancer, so it's even more special to me.
  4. The St. Petersburg Cathedral ceramic dish and the carved wooden egg were from my older sister who lived in Moscow for a few years. I have lots of Russian tchotches.
  5. The fish was made by my middle daughter in 7th grade. She thinks it is ugly and hates that I have it on display. I love it, because she's never been an artsy kid, so this is one of the few pieces of artwork that actually made it home.
  6. The script is the first play I did for the community theater after not having been onstage in years. It was so much fun!! Helped me remember who I am.
  7. The copper gelatin mold is part of a small collection I have that hangs on my office wall behind my desk. This one keeps falling down. I gave up trying to fix it.
  8. The cross-stitch is a big labor of love (literally) by my mother that she worked on for months for my 40th birthday. She said this quote has always made her think of me. ❤
  9. I have no idea where the carved wooden block is from or why I put it there. 😀