inspired by several 😊
  1. To understand my name, you gotta know the rest of my siblings. My maiden name really is Trail, and I'm the youngest.
  2. My older siblings are Spring, Robyn, and Dusty. My mother's name is Sandy. ... for real. Not making that up.
  3. My father is Elmer, so... he didn't fit the theme.
  4. When they were expecting me, we lived on an apple orchard, and I was due in September, so customers were already arriving to pick and/or buy apples and cider.
  5. In the shop, they had a big blackboard and customers would leave their name suggestions. They were encouraged to have fun with the theme.
  6. Some suggestions: Asphalt ("Because we all know which ass's fault it is!! 😑), Rocky (fun fact, I have a cousin named this), Happy (obvious), Apple (they were ahead of their time), Endothe (can you even imagine).
  7. My parents were fans of Autumn, but alas, when I did make my appearance, it was technically before the season started, and they were sticklers for the details.
  8. My father liked Stormy. My mother did not. Plus it wasn't stormy when I was born (sticklers).
  9. They never really said how they arrived at Brook, but that's who I am. They did, however, opt for the CORRECT spelling. While they gave my sister Robyn the "y", they wisely dropped the superfluous "e" for me.
  10. To this day, 98% of people will spell it Brooke, even if they've known me for years, and it constantly pisses me off.
  11. And as for the personalized key chains, etc., it would have been better if they hadn't had any variation of my name. Do you know how frustrating it is to find it, but one letter off?? Life is hard.
  12. My username works in two ways: 1) Babbling works with Brook in the nature sense. 2)I have a terrible nervous habit of babbling on when there is awkward silence and it's gotten me in trouble countless times.
  13. I love my name! ❤☺