inspired by @hillary79 💞
  1. Branwen Kate
    Her first name is Welsh, and it's from one of my favorite Celtic myths about fraternal twins, Bran & Branwen. From beyond the grave, he saves his sister from an evil Irish king. Most people have probably seen it spelled Bronwen or Bronwyn, but we went with the traditional spelling, thus insuring it will be butchered every day for the rest of her life! And we went with Kate, both because it just rolls off the tongue and so she'd have a "normal" name to go by, if she wanted, which she never has.
  2. Rhys Trail
    When you start with something like Branwen, it's hard to switch gears and go with something like Gary. So a theme was born! Rhys is Welsh for river, and my name is Brook. See what we did there? And while we gave the other kids the "normal" middle names, Rhys got my maiden name, so he's doubly screwed. He manages pretty well, although 93% of the time upon first seeing his name, he's called "Rice". *sigh*
  3. Kesair Ann
    An Irish name this time! A veeeery obscure Irish queen that her father found in the index of a Celtic mythology book I had. Rhymes with "dresser", NOT "kes-AIR". She may be only one of a handful in the whole world. Seriously. Try Googling the name. She thought we made it up, until I dug through all my old books and found the one it was in. But being the middle child, having the most unique name secretly pleases her, I know. And Ann is the middle name of both her grandmothers.
  4. Aidan Robert
    Irish again! The most common of all the names. He was supposed to be Eben, but our older son was obsessed with the movie "Quest for Camelot" at the time, and Merlin had this falcon named Aidan, so he kept pushing that name. Rhys was also adamant that this baby had BETTER be a boy, and Aidan was also the only one we didn't know the sex of beforehand. So when he was born and he was a boy, we went with Rhys' choice. It's still constantly misspelled - "en". Robert is for his great-grandfather.
  5. Maeve Rose
    And ended on another Irish name. The Fairy Queen. We did opt for the more common spelling and not the name of the actual fairy queen, Mab. For those not familiar, it rhymes with "cave", not mauve, the color, which she is constantly called. She is my Maevie Baby, and she got Rose for her June birthday and her little rosebud mouth. :)