We've all got that one weirdo thing that makes us unique. Maybe you have a birthmark shaped like George Washington's profile. Maybe you're double-jointed in only your left pinky toe. Maybe you've got one single whisker that has grown out white on your chin your whole life. Share what weirdo thing is yours!
  1. I get the hiccups every time a big low pressure weather system moves in. Every. Time. And that's pretty much the only time I ever get the hiccups.
    It's a thing with the women in our family. My dad used to call us weather witches, because he said our hiccups were better at predicting storms than a meteorologist. If my mother, my sisters, and I all got the hiccups at the same time, he started battening down the hatches, because it meant some shit was about to go down. ☺
  2. When I consume any alcohol I always sneez 3 times, it's become a joke to all my friends, we know she's drinking now!
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  3. I'll never tell...
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