It's my 42nd birthday!!
  1. I can persevere.
    I thought my 20 year marriage ending when I was 40 was the end. But I have gone through worse since. And I'm still here.
  2. I am worth loving.
    I am a caretaker, a giver, a lover, but accepting someone else's love for me... feeling deserving of it... that's been hard. It meant being vulnerable. It meant standing up for what I need. It meant figuring out what that even was. It's a process, and I don't always get it right, but I can say I know I'm worth it.
  3. I am fun!
    I always knew that I was funny, in a wry, cynical, sarcastic way, but I don't think I knew I was fun. Or I forgot along the way. But I can be spontaneous and silly and fearless. I can surprise and delight and entertain. I'm not just a dry chuckle, I'm a big burbling belly laugh! That's been my favorite discovery. ☺
  4. Static