1. Your favorite comforter.
    Not too hot, not too cold. Can be thrown over head for napping without feeling like you're going to suffocate.
  2. HGTV. Love It or List It is preferred, but Property Brothers will also do.
    Perfect for intermittent napping. You can fade in and out of consciousness and all the episodes just sort of run together.
  3. Fluffy snugglebums.
    My current cuddlers are of the feline variety, but whatever you've got handy.
  4. A warm beverage.
    Preferably one that is brought to you by someone kind. Mine was prepared by my lovely daughter before she left for school.
  5. The remote.
    Nobody wants to hunt for the remote when they feel like crap.
  6. Your phone, so you can li.st!
    Did the sick day even really happen if you can't document it? Who knows. Not risking it.
  7. Static