*RATED R for strong content and adult language* Seriously, guys. Brutally honest venting ahead.
  1. Why the fuck do I still have that set in my calendar?? *immediately removes reminder*
  2. Wooooow. Weird. I didn't even remember it this morning... that feels... Like a good thing I think.
  3. He's 40. It's his 40th birthday. If we were still together, I'd be planning a huge party just like I did when he turned 30 and I'd be dealing with his whole fucking dysfunctional disaster of a family right about now. But I don't have to do that ever agaaaaaaainnnn!!!
  4. When I turned 40 (he's 2 years younger than me), he forgot it was my birthday, texted me happy birthday after he noticed on fucking FB, I made my own dinner and cake which I ate with the kids, and he came home from work, shut himself in his room and drank until he passed out. Cunt.
  5. I did remind the kids the other day so they'll be sure to tell him happy birthday. Because I'm a good fucking person who's always taking the fucking high road. Prick.
  6. He'll be here in a couple of hours to pick up the kids. I swear to god, if he passive-aggressively implies I look like shit again today by saying "Are you doing ok? You look tired" with that fucking "concerned" look on his smug fucking face, I'm going to deck him.
  7. I hope he realizes that the clock is ticking a little louder now. That he needs to get help for his issues and repair his relationship with his children and take better care of himself, because this doesn't last forever and we don't get infinite second chances. I hope it wakes him up.
  8. I'm glad it's not mine to try and fix anymore. And I hope, for the kid's sake, it's a good weekend.