I am trying to get back to weekly menu planning and sent shopping this afternoon for the week. But I already know I'm just lying to myself. I can already predict exactly what will happen.
  1. Saturday Plan:Southwest Turkey Burgers and Spoonbread
    Reality: Already out the window. I didn't get back from the store until after 3 and the kids ate so much that they won't be hungry when I normally make dinner, and my daughter has another play performance tonight, so some of us will be leaving in a bit for that. Piece It Night it is!
  2. Sunday Plan: Turkey Sausage w/Potatoes & Pepper Sheet Pan Meal
    Reality: Well since I didn't get the turkey burgers made, I'll probably make those instead... Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows.
  3. Monday Plan: Homemade Pizza with Homemade Dough
    Realty: We don't have school on Monday, so I'll have time for something like making my own pizza dough. But it's also dependent upon the kids helping me get the kitchen cleaned up so I have the counterspace to make dough, and that's doubtful... Plus, I'm still a day behind on menus...
  4. Tuesday Plan: Slow Cooker Butter Chicken
    Reality: Doomed from the beginning, because it requires me to be organized either the night before or the morning of and get everything into the slow cooker so I can start it before I go to work. But while I'm still a meal behind, the chances of me making homemade pizza on a regular work night are slimmer than the chances of me being organized in the morning. And we haven't ordered pizza in a while...
  5. Wednesday Plan: Roast Pork Tenderloin with Roast Potatoes & Broccoli
    Reality: Halfway through a busy week. There's not a chance in hell this will get made. Which is why I bought a couple of boxes of Cheesy Tuna Helper. I know it's trashy, but I also know we will all eat it and it's easy.
  6. Thursday Plan: Beef & Chicken Tacos
    Reality: I planned this because it's a busy evening and they are fast. But I will forget to thaw the hamburger. So half of us will be unhappy. And the other half will be mad it's not Butter Chicken.
  7. Friday Plan: No plan
    Reality: Finally a plan I can work with!!