If a goddamn miracle occurred and I somehow found myself pregnant again and didn't have to compromise with a partner.
  1. Celtic Names That Fit The Theme I Already Have (See: Tell Me About Your Name (My Kids Edition))
  2. Seamus
    It would have been my youngest child's name, had she been a boy.
  3. Declan
    I mean... doesn't get much cooler than Elvis Costello. Or the lead singer of The Commitments either.
  4. Saoirse
    I realize that no one where I live would have a freaking clue how to pronounce it, but still. Gorgeous.
  5. Elora
    (This is actually a Hebrew name, but I think I could totally pass it off with the others and it doesn't fit in any of my other categories. ☺) I wouldn't use Danan as her middle name. But I would seriously consider it. (Bonus points if you get that.)
  6. Old-timey Names:
  7. Jemima
    It's just SO CUTE!! Plus, you could call her Jemmy for short. PLUS, Jemima Kirke is awesome and could be used as the reference for the name, not the stupid racist pancake syrup.
  8. Jeb
    I know it's supposed to be short for Jebidiah, but I kinda just like Jeb.
  9. Beatrix
    You could go for Bea or Trix or Trixie as a nickname, and they are all equally adorable.
  10. Benjamin
    Not really old-timey, but not a lot of Benjamins go by the full name (my bf is one of them) and I've just always loved it. If I named my son this, I would hope he'd go by Benjamin and not a nickname.
  11. Odd (nature/time/thing) Names
    It's a thing in my Family. (See:Tell Me About Your Name)
  12. Winter
    My favorite season!! But obviously, probably only if they were born during it. Having them in July and naming them Winter would be awkward.
  13. Day of the week they were born on.
    Ala Wednesday Addams or Tuesday Weld.
  14. Story
  15. Poppy
    One of my favorite flowers that always makes me feel happy.
  16. Names From Literature
  17. Scout
    Really any of the main characters from To Kill a Mockingbird
  18. Imogen
    From Cymbeline. Not my favorite female Shakespearean character or my favorite play, but it is my fave name.
  19. Tuck
    Tuck Everlasting.
  20. Finn
    Huckleberry that is.
  21. Feel free to steal! Otherwise, they'll probably be going to future pets.