1. I had to quit my summer job earlier than expected because the upper management at that place are all idiots.
    And I know it left my coworkers in a lurch, which makes me feel bad. But I can't fuck up my real job.
  2. I'm dealing with a lot of stressful stuff at my other job that is time sensitive.
    I work in a school setting. The month before we start is always fraught with panic and unexpected calamities.
  3. I broke my phone and had to get a new one and spend money I wasn't expecting to spend.
    I am due for an upgrade in October. So infuriating to get a new one now.
  4. My daughter broke her phone, and I have to replace it, too.
    Before I get jumped on about how spoiled kids are these days, she is 14 so she doesn't have a real job yet, but she does tons around the house. We don't have a house phone, I work a lot, and it makes it much easier to keep tabs on everyone. She is not spoiled in the least. And it was an honest accident when it broke, not messing around.
  5. My car got smashed.
    My 16 year old daughter was driving home from work and a woman ran a yield sign and hit our car. Thankfully, my daughter was fine, the car is driveable short distances until we can get it fixed, and the other driver had insurance.
  6. I was taking out the trash this morning and the bag containing used cat litter broke
    It did wait to break until I was on our porch. Which is something.
  7. It is only Wednesday.