1. Instacart
    Groceries and more delivered to your door. (Not their official tagline) $4 delivery fee to not have to find parking at the Noe Valley Whole Foods and I'm not sidetracked with an extra $30 in impulse items as I often do if I were to actually go to the store 🙌
  2. Uber/Lyft/Sidecar
    I use them all, all the time. Most likely will be the reason I will never have a retirable 401k.
  3. OrderAhead
    It's exactly what the name says. Order to-go food ahead of time, pay online and skip the long lines. I use it multiple times a week to avoid designer-salad lines at Sprout in downtown Palo Alto for no fuss weekday work lunches.
  4. Munchery
    Chef created cooked meals delivered. TBH though I mostly use them for their almost milk because it's the most perfect date-sweetened almond milk in the entire city 💯
  5. Seamless/GrubHub/Fluc
    More food delivery services for the lazys/I'm so hungover I'll either starve or order a La Taqueria burrito from my phone to be delivered to the door. If only they could bring it straight to my bed...
  6. Postmates
    Basically the all inclusive of delivery of anything. I once had crutches from Walgreens delivered to my house for an injured friend.
  7. Amazon Prime Lockers
    These just started popping up, but I feel like they are going to be huge. http://amzn.to/1c1YWWO
    Suggested by @videodrew