Easy Bay Area Day And/or Weekend Trips, Esp Great for Summer

Tbh these are great all times of the year, but some hot sun and a cool breeze can only make them THAT much better.
  1. Pescadero
    Goats, goat cheese, artichoke bread, wine, fresh berries, beach, Duarte's Tavern. I would basically do this every single weekend the sun was out if it was acceptable.
  2. Tomales Bay
    Hwy 1, oysters, good views and even better friends to join
  3. Hike Mt. Tam
    This never gets old. Start at Stinson Beach and do a loop into the Redwoods. Finish the day off at Parkside Cafe.
  4. Spirits Alley/ Faction Brewing in Alameda
    Spirits, brews and wineries all on one street with a sweet view back onto the SF skyline
  5. Lagunitas/Petaluma
  6. Alice's Restaurant in Woodside
    Especially for the motorcycle/vintage & sports car/cyclist enthusiasts. Even if you're none of those it's a gorgeous drive through the trees and windy roads through open space preserves.
  7. Ferry to Sausalito
    Rent bikes, take a hike, then watch the sunset over SF with cocktails at Bar Bocce
  8. Ferry to Tiburon
    Sit on the deck at Sam's, soak up the sun and drink a Bloody Mary. Or three.
  9. Beach day in Santa Cruz
    Because the town is super chill and the beaches are warmer
  10. Camping in Mendocino
  11. Healdsburg for wine tasting and a beginner fly fishing trip.
    I may or may not be able to take care of both of those things personally.
    Suggested by   @lucas