Making this list was almost as satisfying as deleting the app. I rarely knew their last names and the ones I made up seemed more entertaining anyways
  1. Monet FrenchKiss
    He had on a button up that looked like Monet paint splotches (it was hideous) I was out with friends when we first met and when I found out he was French, the 4 gin/tonics in me said to him: "Oh France eh, can you show me how to French Kiss?" worked. Still on the fence if I'm proud or ashamed
  2. Banker TPR3
    Investment banker who had the most pretentious name that I could only manage to save his initials without gagging. 3 = "the 3rd"
  3. Dan DairyWisconsin
    6'3" Silicon Valley biotech scientist who was raised on a dairy farm
  4. Alex Ouzo
    He was from Greece and he introduced me to ouzo. He was v into his cats. And shots of ouzo.
  5. Evan Postmates
    I used the "FirstName PlaceOfWork" description often
  6. Peter Stripes
    He wore a black and white striped shirt to our first date...his shirt was more interesting than the entire evening.
  7. Tinder Tyler
    I had zero other Tyler's in my phone but I just liked the alliteration
  8. Totem pole Keith
    Not a sexual reference. The Monday morning after our first date I received a LENGTHY paragraph text labeled "active totem pole" with a list of 5 woman in his cue for the upcoming week...each complete with descriptions (ie: Kelsey TRX, Hawaiian white girl surfer/yoga Caitlin) and stage rankings (early stage, new qualifying leads). Seconds later I received: "Wrong message :)" To this day it's at the top of my list of accidental texts and a top memory from online dating
  9. Paul IsOldEnoughToBeYourDad
    To his credit - he was very good looking and I didn't learn his age until multiple dates in.
  10. WASPY Brian
    He was from some exclusive neighborhood in Pennsylvania, the son of a lawyer, had multiple race cars. I dated him for the nice bottles of wine and his dog, Hunter.