The good, the bad, and the ugly.
  1. How much would I pay to get a La Taqueria dorado style burrito delivered to my bed right now?
  2. What type of "entertainment" will I see on the BART today?
  3. Is that guy naked?
  4. Will I have to avoid any human feces on the street?
  5. Will they judge me if I bring my Target reusable bag to my neighborhood organic market?
  6. Is a $20 Uber worth avoiding the hour bus ride to the sunset?
  7. Where can I get a mimosa brunch on a patio without an hour wait on a weekend?
    Oh wait no one ever asks that because it doesn't exist.
  8. How many people will I see that I know at Dolores Park today?
  9. Is the truffle guy here? What about the brownie lady? Or the cosplay group? Or the rap battle guys?
  10. What do people even do in the Sunset?
  11. Why don't I have more costumes?
  12. But exactly how many hills will this walk include?
  13. Is that bar in Oakland really worth the trip?
  14. Which pour over organic vegan fair-trade artisanal coffee do I want today?
  15. Do Marina boys actually even live in the Marina?
  16. Would I live rather in a closet-turned-bedroom or a loft-turned hackerhouse-commune?
  17. Bi-rite or Humphrey Slocombe?
  18. Ike's or Rhea's Deli?
  19. Will there be parking anywhere within 4 blocks?
  20. Would you like soy, almond, coconut or non-homogenized local Straus milk in your latte? Oh I'm sorry we don't have any low fat here.
    Suggested by @eatthelove