I love my job and the fact that the Internet makes none of these sound weird. At any time.
  1. Isn’t there a True Life about this?
  2. Let's play a game called...count the turtlenecks
  3. I would totally date the guy in the Step 3 image
  4. I pretty much went on a date with the guy in Step 3 last night
  5. This child has creepily manicured eyebrows
  6. What's the line between "super instructive" and "oh no. too graphic. how do I unsee this?"
  7. Please ask them to redo without showing the nipple
  8. The peeing article is trending today
  9. Me: Want a ListApp invite? Colleague: Sure! Me: I'm not convinced. Colleague: Pleaseeeee Me: Nah, nvmd.
    Just doing my due diligence to protect the sacredness of this community 🙌 (**update: they pleaded their case and I approved)