Types of Mom Texts

  1. The festive text
    Also, cats.
  2. The cringeworthy-yet-creative use of emojis text
    Could she 🐝 any more clever?
  3. The tech support text
  4. The tech support text, v2
  5. The tech support text, v3
    You know the problem has escalated when another family member is now involved to help resolve the issue...such as my brother Jeff in this example
  6. The "I need to share my day because your father and I have empty nest syndrome" text
  7. The awww text
    Usually includes a photo and is a sweet reminder of home. This example is an adorable photo of my dad and nephew in the same classic family napping pose
  8. The neighborhood update text
    Note: My hometown has a population of 2,000 people and "the Koreans" are actually the only ethnic people on my parents street. The guy and his wife speak little to zero English. When my parents visit them, they call their daughter and have her translate over the phone everything my dad has been rambling on about. And yes, their persimmon drying techniques really are a work of art.
  9. The throwback text
  10. Sigh... the tech support text
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