1. Happily chooses the bottle of wine
    Or can order your drink/food item...for those days when you just don't want to think or make decisions.
  2. Can dress himself
    A true gentlemen has style. Enough said.
  3. Outwardly talks about how much he loves his parents/family
    So underrated but so endearing
  4. Ability to cook or bake or even just make you coffee.
    I love doing all of these things myself, but I will do the dishes all day long if a guy can also do them for me once and a while.
  5. Can set up a tent.
    I can do this myself, but it would be nice to know if youre stranded in the woods after losing the ability to use your arms with said man he can give you shelter.
  6. Up to date on current events
    Especially helpful when they are ones you aren't up to date with and then he shares them with you. He gets to feel important for knowing things and you get to learn. Win, win.