Definitely forgetting some, but this is a start...
  1. How to Jump Your Battery
    I think the definition of adulthood is when you don't have to call your dad crying when you have a dead battery.
  2. How to Use Venmo
    I wrote this one specifically for mom because sending this link was easier than explaining through text messages.
  3. How to Install Snow Chains on Tires
    I wish I had this when I was 16 and worked at a burger joint near a ski resort. It also would have helped if smartphones had existed then.
  4. How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew
    We've all been here. I've tested all of these. Some work better than others, some end up with wine sprayed all over kitchen, some end up with a cork in the bottle BUT, all of them result in good memories.
  5. How to Open a Bottle Without a Opener
    We've all been here as well. Some of these methods also double as a party trick.
  6. How to Get Rid of a Hangover
    This one often follows the morning after the two above.
  7. How to Use a French Press
    Because I wanted to impress my houseguests and because my IKEA french press didn't come with instructions.
  8. How to Love
    Ending with a sappy one because the world can always use more of this. Also because it never hurts to be reminded how to love and how to be loved. Also also because the illustrations are some of my all time favorites on the entire site and I want to print them out for my walls.