Moments captured and a word I would use to describe each.

I have way too many pictures taken over the years but some stand out more than others because of the special moments and emotions I felt when these pictures were captured.
  1. Witnessing a country sunset
    I took this on my bike ride home and it gave me such an amazing feeling of euphoria. This is home and I felt so content. Many people don't realize just how beautiful the wide open plains can be on a hot summer evening with the clouds catching every color as the sun sets. -Nostalgia.
  2. Going to a "Fun" concert with my best friend and her sister
    Going to a concert is great but it's so much better with people you love. Rachel, Cate and I grabbed last minute tickets to the "Fun" concert in KC and experienced an intense thunderstorm mid show, a double rainbow, and met some great people. The concert was fun (pun intended.) -Joy.
  3. Finishing the grueling State cross country course.
    It may not look like it (I'm never smiling when I run) but this moment was so important to me. I overcame doubts in my abilities for years and shaved 3 minutes of my 5k time to get to earn this privilege. I became self-disciplined and had so much motivation to reach this goal. I finished 45th and quite literally passed out from exhaustion but I was so overwhelmed with happiness and emotion for myself and my team; we finished 2nd but I was so incredibly happy. - Accomplishment.
  4. The magnificent mountains of Silverton, CO
    I impulsively decided to take a job as a camp counselor in Colorado over the summer and I'm so grateful I did. I remember taking this picture then marveling for a good 20 minutes. There aren't enough adjectives to describe the majesty of this place. I fell in love and this is when I realized that not only do I want to return to Colorado, I want to live there. - Awe.
  5. Sunrise at Hawkbill Crag
    Man, I love this picture. My best friend and I woke up at 4:30am to make it to the top of the trailhead to hike down and catch the sunrise. TOTALLY WORTH IT. We were trying to do our morning yoga and take some pictures but didn't keep it together very long and burst out laughing. This picture captures exactly how great that trip was. -Happiness.
  6. Fourth of July
    I have always loved forth of July: the weather is hot, the food is delicious, and the company is pleasant. I went on a road trip with my new college best friends to visit another friend in STL and we wandered around downtown, did some sightseeing (with a little bit of boozin) and ended the night in Kirkwood to watch the firework show. -Bliss.
  7. The great solo roadtrip
    I took a solo road trip from my temporary camp home (Durango, CO) to the 4 Corners Monument and Mesa Verde. I felt like I healed myself in some ways by taking this solo trip. My 1st semester of college was tough and I had an overwhelming sense of doubt and doom for my upcoming sophomore year (part of the reason I took this job in Colorado.) This trip allowed me to feel free, free from the darkness I fell into. I had a true sense of independence and happiness that I needed so badly. -Content.
  8. A perfect conclusion
    I flew out to see my best friend at BYU in Provo, UT and we had the best adventures yet (too many to list.) This moment was captured at the end of our journey in Escalante's petrified Forest (Utah) and we had both wanted to see the petrified forest since we were in middle school and we FINALLY had the chance to do it. We hiked this 1.5 hour trail in 30 minutes because we were so ecstatic. This picture is true emotion and I couldn't have been more satisfied with this trip. -Excitement.