I've gone out many times and drank a little more than I should have (I'm sure I'm not the only one) and have left interesting notes that I found in the morning.
  1. Avoid LJ
    A cute guy I wanted to talk to but he was major trouble. Drunk me wrote a note in my phone to remind me an hour later. I must have listened because I heard nothing from LJ.
  2. Tequila in the top left cabinet
    I hid it from everyone else and wanted to remind myself where I put it for the next party lol.
  3. The address, zip code, name, and other credentials on my fake ID
    I planned to memorize the info incase the bouncer quizzed me (which he didn't.)
  4. Pick up Advil
    I was hungover so this note was not appreciated. I needed Advil, I didn't want to pick it up.
  5. A glass of "water"
    This wasn't a note but I thought maybe drunk me was smart and poured hungover me a nice glass of water. NOPE. I took a gulp of straight vodka
  6. Apologize to Claire
    This was not a good note to read....I didn't want to know what happened but I called Claire and found out I tried to run away the night before and didn't want to get in the car home....
  7. "Screw him he didn't"
    Half typed out text to a friend and I'm not sure who it was about. I'm still curious.