1. Ross and Rachel
    That coffee house kiss! The music, the fight leading up to it. The way he just grabs her and goes for it. Everything. This is the best kiss.
  2. Jim and Pam
    In Money when Jim comforts Dwight about wanting someone you can't have and he realizes he actually managed to get Pam and he just walks up to her and kisses her right there in the office because HE CAN! "I'm in love with Italian food." My heart.
  3. Damon and Elena
    That hotel kiss in season 3 when Elena just cannot fight it any longer and jumps. on. him. And he's just so ready and reacts as if he's been waiting forever for her to kiss him. The song in this one is wonderful as well.
  4. Stiles and Lydia
    When he's having a panic attack and she gets him to hold his breath by just grabbing him and kissing him!!! And they both just look so amazed afterwards, like, "OH, /this/ is it." Again, a great song choice here.
  5. Danny and Mindy
    Airplane. Kiss. The whole scene leading up to it where Danny finally realizes he loves Mindy, and then he just risks it all and the chance of rejection and kisses her right then and there. Also, that ass grab tho!!!
  6. Jake and Amy
    The whole episode of their first kiss is every shipper's dream. I love both "fake" kisses because of their reactions to it and they both lead us up to their first real kiss. The way they're just having a normal conversation but then they both just seem to realize at the same time that they're being idiots and finally do it!
  7. Chandler and Monica
    "I'm still on London time. Does that count?" "Oh, that counts." They don't want to admit that they like each other because they're best friends so they agree on the stupidest excuse in the world just to get to kiss again. I love everything about this scene.
  8. Logan and Veronica
    Their transition from friends to loathing each other to falling in love is one of my favorite things I've seen on a television show. It was so subtle, so when she just jumps up and kisses him it's a surprise but then when he grabs her, pulls her back, and kisses her too it's like WOAH. I also love how they both react afterwards. All awkward and cute. Ugh. This kiss is so good