Have a great weekend, everybody!
  1. Runaway Bride
    Rom coms are a bit hit-or-miss when I'm hungover. If they're too good, they just make me feel even worse and more single because I probably embarrassed myself in front of a cute guy the night before. This one is my go-to as of late, maybe because Maggie fucks it up so many times before finally getting it right?
  2. The Swan Princess
    Any cartoon could work, but this one just has that great song!!! Plus I don't know this movie as well as Disney cartoons so I don't mind watching it on repeat all morning while I preoccupy myself from feeling dead.
  3. The Maze Runner
    This one is kind of random. Is Dylan O'Brien being in it a factor? Absolutely. But I also like all the running and action because it always gets me to be like "okay, on Monday I am definitely getting in shape and getting my life in order." It's a lie, but it helps.
  4. The Wedding Planner
    My guilty pleasure movie. It just always works.
  5. Any and every Hallmark Channel movie
    These movies are great because you don't have to think about anything when you watch them. You can pretty much guess the whole plot just from the title. Plus, every weekend there's marathons of these movies all day long so I can always rely on them to numb my mind.