People I Want to Make a Christmas Movie

It's hard to add to the golden collection of Christmas movies that already exist, and I'm a little weary of new ones mixing in with treasured classics. But I want more! 25 Days of Christmas does too. It requires actors as dedicated as Will Ferrell in Elf. Here's who I would trust:
  1. Steve Carrell
    He has kind eyes and with the proper make-up team, I'd love to see him as Santa. He has the perfect sense of humor (nice jokes that don't put anyone down but still get a laugh), and he is also heartwarming. Mrs. Claus? I'm spit balling here but Lisa Kudrow.
  2. Amy Adams
    A rom com like the Hallmark Channel's original holiday movies but better. She's not really into Christmas and meets a hot guy who is. They somehow get snowed in together. Maybe they hate each other at first but it turns to love. You know, the works. Lead actor I'm thinking Paul Rudd.
  3. Bradley Cooper
    I'm envisioning a cartoon about the guy who like, designs the toys for the elves to make or something. This one should be an ensemble. I think Channing Tatum would be his always-messing-up sidekick. Maybe they travel to New York to help save a toy store. They meet business woman Rachel McAdams and scary exec Robert Downey Jr.