More will be added as they are realized. Maybe this can be like, an outlet for my frustrations?
  1. Wet socks
  2. Texting during movies
  3. When a teacher is nice and people take advantage of it and force them into becoming a monster
  4. Spoilers
    I don't even like to know if you liked the episode. Because guess what? If I was hoping for a Stiles and Lydia kiss and you tell me it was a good episode, now I know there was a kiss!
  5. When kids are being bad in public and the parent looks at you and laughs as if to say, "what can ya do? They're so cute at this age!"
  6. I text you a question and you call me to answer it
  7. The sound of my alarm clock
  8. When the car in front me has to come to a complete stop to make a simple turn
  9. When people are basic but they don't know they're basic so they think they're funny and weird
  10. Any and all of the vocabulary that Perez Hilton makes up (lawlz, zomg)
  11. Anyone younger than 50 calling me "hon" or "sweetie"
    This isn't nice to me. It is condescending.
  12. When someone asks me a question and someone else answers
  13. When I check off that I don't want to receive emails from a store after online shopping but they send them anyway
  14. Old people talking about technology
  15. Every radio host
  16. Internet ads
    I've never once heard someone say, "I just bought this awesome thing because I saw an ad for it between songs on Pandora!" They aren't effective. Everyone ignores them. Stop it!
  17. People who don't tell everyone what they're being for Halloween because they want it to be a surprise
    We don't care about you that much
  18. When I say something I just found out about and am super excited for and someone goes, "you didn't know that?"
    "Oh my God, they're building a Chipotle near my house!" "You didn't know that?" <-- See how not fun that is? Don't be a buzzkill. This also annoys me when I see someone do it to someone else.
  19. When celebrities are doing Q&A's on Twitter and someone gets a reply and then keeps asking questions
    You're just taking up room in their mentions that should be filled with other fans who haven't gotten a reply yet
  20. Italian pride
  21. When people tweet/post statuses like: Dear Inanimate Object, blah blah blah. Love, Me.
  22. School pride
  23. When people come in my room to get something and don't put everything back to the way it was before they came in
    Push the drawers in! That thing you knocked over on my desk? Put it back upright! I'm very particular about my room and if I invite you in, don't be a barbarian.
  24. When an adult tries to tell me directions somewhere even though I have my GPS and they're only confusing me with all their talk