And I'm not saying he should have won for one and not the others. I'm saying Leonardo DiCaprio should currently have 8 Oscars. We are so behind!
  1. What's Eating Gilbert Grape
    He was 18 when they filmed this! 18 years old playing a mentally disabled person FLAWLESSLY. It takes a lot for me to finish a Johnny Depp movie thinking about another actor that was in it, and Leo managed that with this movie. I think about his acting in this at least once a week.
  2. Django Unchained
    He cut his hand and continued with the scene perfectly. There were glass shards and so much blood and Leo didn't break character. I am flabbergasted by this one.
  3. Catch Me If You Can
    He played like 6 different characters in this movie!
  4. The Wolf of Wall Street
    One of my favorite types of characters is someone who is a dick, but you don't hate him. Leo accomplished this in this movie. He basically played a villain. Jordan Belfort is an awful person who hurts people and only thinks of himself, but when you watch Leo bring him to life, you're kind of like, "okay but he's kind of awesome and cool!" That's hard to do.
  5. Titanic
    Do I even need to get into this? Good, because I cannot. I'm getting emotional just running through all his scenes in my head.
  6. The Departed
    His scene in the therapist's office where he's trying to get drugs stuns me. Is he just playing the part of an undercover cop? Or is the pressure of being a gang member actually getting to him? I just don't know! He completely loses himself in this scene, and I can't see any other actor nailing it the way he did.
  7. The Basketball Diaries
    I think his age in this movie is what really amazes me. So young and such a dark role. And he's more than convincing! This movie is hard to watch because of how deep into this character he went.
  8. The Aviator
    I actually turned this one off because I just wasn't that into it but everyone knows when it comes to Oscars a movie can be so-so while a performance is amazing. (Even though I think this movie is actually loved by everyone but me) but yeah, playing a real-life character and being spot on always impresses me, and Leo just brought Howard Hughes back to life.