1. Go to the gym
    Even if I just do a bullshit exercise and leave shortly, I just want to get into the routine of going. I signed up for the tanning package to motivate myself to go. "Tan and skinny" is my mantra. *Idk how healthy this is.
  2. Floss
    I know 2 people who floss daily/regularly, and I want to be like them. I didn't suffer through all those years of braces to start slacking now! Plus my new gym gave me a goodie bag with great toothpaste in it. I think they want me to be prettier too.
  3. Take vitamins
    I feel like my body is just a pile of garbage so as I work on my superficial features previously mentioned, taking one pill a day seems like the easiest thing I can do to get my health in order.
  4. Wash my face
    Too often I fall asleep without doing this. I recently got the coolest new scrub, and I'm trying to get into the habit of adding it to my nighttime routine. I want my skin to be as smooth (and tan!) as a Barbie doll's.
  5. Take my contacts out
    So many doctors have told me how important this is. I have no idea why I just ignore them. I have glasses! I can easily do this every night. It's so much comfier without them in (and healthy blah blah blah).